Mbaise United Austria: Quo Vadis with Umu Mbaise?

Lecture marking the beginning of the second term in office of the chairman Jude Akakwam and cabinet. (By Walter Waltz Anyanwu (Nwa Mbaise and member) Abstract.


Title: Mbaise United Austria: Quo Vadis with Umu Mbaise?

A lecture / Extramural on the dialectics of unionism and membership
Why this lecture proposal?
The development of our union according to the last speech of our chairman is very impressing and worthy of acknowledgment. On the other hand, on-going developments before us in the union tend to predict the unfortunate.

The aim of this lecture is to demonstrate with and to us the importance of:

  1. Knowing exactly that which we always say: “onye aghala Nwanne ya”.
  2. Realizing that respect is the content of the distance between two people
  3. Understanding that the very union we bring up so high can turn around to destroy us.
  4. Knowing that respect is, like money and you cannot give it to another person if you do not have it for yourself.

Biological and psychological sciences tell us, we human beings have five sense perception organs. The spiritual and meditational practices on the other hand do expand even the more to include, what we, in our common grammar call number 6! What can that really be?

Whenever we, at any time, are conscious of any of our sense perceptions in action, we notice how composed and relaxed we can be. Most interesting above all is being aware of the use and usefulness of that which we call number 6!

 In as much as a human being is in full health, all his/her sense organs go about their businesses with or without his/her knowledge. Perhaps it is not the same with our number 6, then it is what we put to use when we do not know what we should do. The health of our sense organs is a reflection of the use we put our number 6 to and the wealth of our number 6 is dependent on the attention we pay to our sense organs.

 So also it is with our union – MUA. Although we brought it into existence, it is out there in very different forms. It influences us as much as we influence it. One thing very certain is that it can influence us much more drastically than we can influence it. Why do I say this?

It is because we influence the union in the sense that we know where we want to take it to and what we want to make out of it. What we, on the other hand do not know, is, where the union can or is taking us to. To say this is not to make a “God” out of the union. Rather it is to bring to our notice that the union is a space, and like all spaces, it is filled by the actions and reactions of all who are in it. As we know, action –reaction, like every chemical reaction, brings up higher actions. “agha diriri, ukwu gaa ya, ya alota mana onu gaa ya, ya ato”!