Little did he know that his visit to Austria in the year 2001 will midwife the birth of Mbaise united Austria. On the 25th of February 2001 some Mbaise sons living in Vienna Austria gathered at the House of Mr. Theodor Odoemene of Okwu Nguru Nweke in Aboh Mbaise, living then in Vienna to well come his father Mazi Oliver Odoemene, now late, and his brother Mr. Method Odoemene who visited him from Mbaise Nigeria. During the interactions that followed, a suggestion was made about coming together in the true spirit of Mbaise nation to form a family union where all sons and Daughters of Mbaise nation living in Austria will be together. Those present welcomed the idea. Mr. Simon Eronini moved a motion for the formation of Mbaise family meeting and was seconded by Ezeji David Anyanwu.  The Motion was adopted by eleven (11) people present and subsequently, MBAISE UNITED AUSTRIA as is now call was formed.  Members present at the Historic moment were: Mr. Oliver Odoemene (late) Gabriel Nwaigwe, Ezeji David Anyanwu, Okudiri Obasi, Method Odoemene, Eronini Simeon, Ihendu Nwoko, chief wise Ibeji, Akakwam Jude, Victus Nwachukwu and Theodor Odoemene the host.