Membership is open to anyone who by virtue of birth, is of Mbaise parentage (with one or both parents being Mbaise), claims and accepts himself as an Mbaise, irrespective of acquisition of other nationality (citizenship) by naturalisation.

The aims of the union shall:-

To protect the interest of the members of the Mbaise United in Austria. To assist at its capacity any needy.To grant equal opportunities to its members. To foster unity and full co-operation among the Mbaise people and a link with other organisations the Union may deem fit in Austria. To cooperate with other Mbaise Union in and outside Austria. To act without pride or prejudice in all deliberation of Mbaise activities or affairs. To contribute to the development of Mbaise.

In addition to the aims, the following shall be the Objectives:-

As a union whose members are from the same area or village, it shall be non-political and non-religious. To encourage unity and closer ties between Mbaise people and Austrian. To promote the multi-cultural image of Mbaise, Nigerian people to the outside. Maintain a link between Mbaise people and the outside.